You win some, you lose some


So let me just boost my own ego for a minute and say that for the first 3 weeks of 2017 I have been  kick-ass-motivated Shannon, seeing crazy progress, sticking to my fitness program and meal plan to a T and loving every second – until the end of week 3…

Cue sore muscles and a seemingly “harmless” Thursday-day-off before a weekend with family… All the sudden I had gone 4 whole days without running!  I can’t say I was super lazy, because I still got in an at-home back and shoulder workout on Friday with “Man-Makers” (burpee with rows, bicep curl and shoulder press) and 100! burpees on Saturday (that my sister in-law said I was doing totally wrong..ruuude)… but call me crazy.  Lately, if I go two days without running 2 or more miles, I feel like I cheated myself!

I definitely don’t hate that I am holding myself to the higher cardio standard.. it makes me want to puff up my chest and hold my head high when I think about how many miles I’ve run that week and days I’ve stuck to my plan that week.  It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world when you say you are going to do something…. and then you do it!  So many personal development books talk about this feeling – it can make you feel like you are on cloud 9.  Being true to yourself and to your own word is a very powerful thing.

So hey, week 3 – not so great.  Wanna know what is going to happen in week 4??? Ima kill it 😉





New Year, Same Goals

Happy New Year! It’s 2017 and that means that my wedding is almost officially one year away! We found a venue over Christmas break and just nailed down our date today! Ah! So now, all of the sudden, rather than an April 2018 wedding and well over a year to get fit, I have almost exactly one year! BRING IT ON!


The Venue!

So no. I am not going to twiddle my thumbs and keep drinking my lovely wine every night (sigh) and delaying my workout plan -since I do have 12 months- … I am going to get my arse in gear and get into AMAZING shape by the time we get our engagement photos done! AND I WILL have SICK ABS by the time we go to Punta Cana for our friends wedding in June 👍  Don’t believe me? You must not know me 😉

So I put together my own 28 day fitness plan (one of my favorite parts about the app, it feeds my inner personal trainer-ness), and I made my own combination vegetarian meal plan using the Whole30 and the Ultimate Reset as my guides.  I learned that the Whole30 does not exactly fit for a vegetarian, so I will be holding off on the real Whole30 for when meat becomes my thing again (skinny bitch got me good)..

Why not follow a beachbody program? Because I want to run and I want to lift – I’ve toned up like a beast and gotten into the best shape of my life by doing a similar program to the one I put together and I’ll be damned if I don’t get those same results.  Can you get the same results using other programs? Yup. But I’m doing mine, to each their own.

Check it – I was running 3 miles a day under 22 minutes and my leg day workouts were totally beast mode –>

Why not follow a pre-set lifting and HIIT plan? Because 1) none of the others fit my criteria 100% and 2) I LOVE putting together workout plans 😊

So HERE WE GO 2017!!!


View from the top of the venue! 😍❤️😍

Holiday Hacks

The Holidays are here!  Well, they were… now we are in the “between Christmas and New Years” period of time where most people are thinking… holy crap I feel like crap because I ate like crap. fairy Holiday hack #1 – take off your now too tight jeans, put on some super loose sweats and go for a walk.  Easier said than done, I know.  Food comas can get the best of all of us and laying on the couch watching football and wondering when we will have room for seconds (or thirds.. or fourths.. fifths?) sounds much more appealing.. but you’ll probably have more room sooner if you get out and get your blood flowing and burn some calories!

Holiday hack #2 – There are 7 days between Christmas and NYE.  The amount of people who say “i’ll just wait until the new year” are just ASKING to add an extra 5 lbs (at least) over the week.  A few cheat days can add up – but a cheat WEEK?  That’s going to hurt.  And its going to bring you one step closer to developing CRAP for habits.  I am going on day 3 of crap eating (I just had PIZZA – not vegan or even dairy free FYI and yes, my stomach is pissed), and I know if I eat like crap for even 1 more day, I’m going to magically turn into a tub of lard.  It’s like some crazy wizard science or something.  If I don’t listen to my body work-out-todayand stop eating crap and get off my @$$, I’ll turn into a whole big tub of lard. or maybe I’ll turn into a hot pile of crap. Since that’s how I’ve been eating.  DONT STEP ON THE SCALE!  The little bitch will just tell you horrible things and no one needs to know how much damage they’ve done.  Just eat some damn vegetables, work on getting off your ass and then, after a week or so, try out that pretty little scale and you’ll magically appreciate the number (and more importantly, how you feel) a whole lot more.

Holiday hack #3 – Quit reading this and get up and move. Quit planning for your amazing 2017 health and fitness goals and start them NOW.  Nuff said.