The Ultimate Reset – Results

I am officially done with the Ultimate Reset!  For those of you new to my site, the Ultimate Reset is a 21 day program that slowly takes out unhealthy aspects of your diet – simple carbs, sweets, and eventually all animal products!  This means I spent three weeks without creamer and PIZZA!

It sounds like 3 weeks of absolute torture, but I 100% needed a kick in the pants to jump start this FITBRIDE journey!  I was making excuses for my eating and pretending that the scale must be broken, because, I only had ONE glass of wine last night, so I MUST have lost at least 3 pounds..

Week 1 was great – I have always had some issues with dairy and I can get grossed out about meat, so taking these things out of my diet were not difficult.  I was SUPER motivated and excited – especially since the scale was down almost 7 lbs after the first week!  I was INVINCIBLE! So naturally, I thought, I may be down 20 lbs after this three weeks!!! ……

Week 2 – not so great.  In this phase, you are eliminating a lot of carbs – so my lovely oatmeal for breakfast was replaced with 3 cups of fruit – and I don’t eat much fruit to begin with! (I’m a veggie lover..) So this was a struggle to get used to – Another quirky aspect to this program is the timing to your meals – you have to take the supplements 1/2 hour before you eat, AND you aren’t supposed to drink water when you are eating…. uhhhh… this is tough.  Especially for a person who has back to back meetings and sometimes I only have a half hour to eat – so I would either have to cut down the time from supplements to food (20 minutes..).. or I would have to take the supplements and then go to a meeting for an hour!   I was hungry and annoyed with this process.

On top of the weird eating rituals that I couldn’t get used to, the fricken scale stopped moving.  So I decided to try and stay off of it.. easier said than done.  The entire 21 days I tracked my eating on the MyFitnessPal App (I love this app and even received a $40 UnderArmour coupon for tracking for 7 days in a row!) and there were days in week 2 that I was well under 1000 calories – NOT GOOD.  So I was legit HANGRY with my 800 calorie diet AND the scale didn’t move for a week?  In the world of calorie math, this doesn’t make sense. NOT COOL.

Naturally, I started adding some additional items into my diet, still maintaining the vegan trend and keeping my total intake under 1200 calories.

I ended up losing 8 pounds total over the 21 days.  I wish I had taken measurements, because my clothes definitely fit better, even though my lofty weight loss goals were not met.  Hey, I lost 8 POUNDS!  During the most unhealthy time of the year.  I learned about how much (or little) food I need during a given day (if I am not working out), and I learned ALOT about vegan life.  And I liked it.

Interesting tid bits I learned:

  • Quinoa is a protein source and has a lot less calories than brown rice
  • Vegans should take B12 Supplements
  • 1 Cup of Sweet Potato (a small sweet potato) has only 115 calories! AND its delicious and filling
  • TEMPEH – I love you tempeh
  • I enjoy oatmeal with natural sweeteners
  • If you eat clean (very clean), you can eat 1/2 an avocado at almost every meal 🙂
  • A salad at lunch is satisfying (even without chicken) – just add 1/2 an avocado and some pumpkin seeds!
  • There are healthy alternatives for everything

So I am definitely glad its over, but it was a great start to kick off my FITBRIDE GUIDE!

Next Up: The Whole 30 & some sort of 30 day HIIT training plan to get me running again!











Ultimate Reset Phase 1 Results!

Phase 1 of the Ultimate Reset is OVER! 7 days in and I am feeling good!  I went into this process thinking the absolute worst, so I was pleasantly surprised that phase 1 wasn’t too bad, and there was a whole lot more food than I had expected.  My biggest challenge was learning to only eat 4 meals (3 + a snack), and not snack when I wanted to.. not an easy task.

Results: 6 POUNDS DOWN in 7 DAYS!

Not just the scale, but I really do feel like my clothes are fitting better and I am DAMN PROUD of myself for sticking with this thing.  I am learning to understand again that FOOD is FUEL, not comfort.  Easier said than done, but I’m staying positive and I’m staying motivated.  One of the biggest drivers of motivation is the fact that I am 1/3 of the way through and if (when) I stick with this, I’ll feel better (and look better) than I have in well over a year… probably even further back than that .  My ultimate goal is to get back into the best shape of my life, and I need to get my nutrition on track to do that – So Ultimate Reset to the RESCUE!

So on to phase 2 – I am slightly terrified because I am NOT a big fruit eater, and every morning for the remainder of the reset, I will be having 3 cups of fruit for breakfast…

The Ultimate Reset!

I have decided to start my fit bride journey with Beachbody’s “Ultimate Reset!”  It is basically a 3 week, test your willpower, kick you in the pants clean – vegan eating plan with supplements to help you clear up your digestive system and “revitalize” you.  (I think you can make your own assumptions about what ‘clear up your digestive system’ means…)

SO – I am halfway through day 4 and I have the inside scoop for you!


But over the past 4 days I have started learning how my previous “healthy” diet was just not clean enough.  I was a healthy granola bar, yogurt and cereal snack kind of girl… I prided myself on how well I ate while at work (always meal prepping and bringing my lunch) and I would get discouraged after eating great and working out for a few days and not losing a pound (it was SO much easier in college!)  So I’d go back to my boneless wings, burger, sweet potatoes and beer every few days since my “healthy diet” didn’t work and my unhealthy one didn’t add any weight either..

I wasn’t going to weigh myself until after day 7, but after 2 days I thought.. what the hell, might as well see what’s going on since I am definitely feeling good.  So on the morning of my 3rd day…


I am not a fan of the scale (especially since I looove my muscles and love lifting).. but a girls gonna get excited when they see that after 2 days!  Weight fluctuates, 2 days is not a good judge of how this is working.. etc etc etc.. I’m still motivated by it.

So the deets:

  1. There is more food than I thought – check out one of my days in phase1:
    1. Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled, slice of plain whole grain toast, spinach
    2. Lunch: Quinoa and cucumbers with carrots and hummus
    3. Snack: Green apple and whole, unsalted almonds
    4. Dinner: Rice and beans and a sweet potato
  2. Caffeine withdrawal sucks
  3. The supplements they have you take aren’t doing much to my bowels or my stomach (I was worried they were going to have my in the bathroom every 5 minutes..)
  4. I am cheating by drinking green tea (if this is the only cheat I have, I’m awesome..)
  5. I love sleeping (more than normal) and get a bit light headed when I do too many activities more than an hour after eating.
  6. My muscles actually feel kinda sore
  7. I’m secretly loving the fact that I’m not supposed to work out during the program..
  8. I’m terrified of phases 2 and 3 (swap eggs and toast for 3 cups of fruit for breakfast…I’m not a big fruit eater..

The willpower is difficult, but I’m staying strong!  We even went to our favorite brewery yesterday for a Christmas Market and beer and unhealthy food didn’t even sound good. WOOT!

4 Days Closer to FIT BRIDE STATUS!