I am your typical recently engaged girl with a few fun spins and a huge love of fitness!  To start – I met the man I want to spend my life with 2 years ago and have been dreaming of a beach wedding ever since.  Prior to meeting my great guy, I really didn’t get excited about planning my own wedding; I was convinced that I would get a wedding planner or let my friends/family do whatever they felt like… Now that the time has come, BRING ME THOSE BEACH SUNSET PICTURES!

We will be getting married in either December 2017 or April 2018 – TBD!

A bit of background on this future fit bride- I am a former (soon to be current) fitness addict who has seriously learned how endorphins can change you (endorphins make people happy… and happy people just don’t kill their husbands… Legally Blonde, anyone?)… joking aside, I’ve dealt with a lot through busting my (rather curvy) butt in the gym over the past 15 years.  And when I was proposed to… I can honestly say I was coming back from some of the worst few months, health and fitness wise, that I’ve had in years!  (Just check out the pants in my proposal pictures…they snug).  And now, I am taking a serious oath to getting my wellness back… with more than just a pretty dress as my motivation!

Join me as I figure out which fitness programs, guides, motivation and nutrition get me into the best shape of my life… just in time to slip into a non-forgiving dress for my future beach wedding!