You win some, you lose some


So let me just boost my own ego for a minute and say that for the first 3 weeks of 2017 I have been  kick-ass-motivated Shannon, seeing crazy progress, sticking to my fitness program and meal plan to a T and loving every second – until the end of week 3…

Cue sore muscles and a seemingly “harmless” Thursday-day-off before a weekend with family… All the sudden I had gone 4 whole days without running!  I can’t say I was super lazy, because I still got in an at-home back and shoulder workout on Friday with “Man-Makers” (burpee with rows, bicep curl and shoulder press) and 100! burpees on Saturday (that my sister in-law said I was doing totally wrong..ruuude)… but call me crazy.  Lately, if I go two days without running 2 or more miles, I feel like I cheated myself!

I definitely don’t hate that I am holding myself to the higher cardio standard.. it makes me want to puff up my chest and hold my head high when I think about how many miles I’ve run that week and days I’ve stuck to my plan that week.  It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world when you say you are going to do something…. and then you do it!  So many personal development books talk about this feeling – it can make you feel like you are on cloud 9.  Being true to yourself and to your own word is a very powerful thing.

So hey, week 3 – not so great.  Wanna know what is going to happen in week 4??? Ima kill it 😉





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