How to cook Tempeh

I can’t count the number of people who I have told that I am a vegetarian and know that I lift and ask “but how do you get your protein?”  Well hello, my misinformed friends, you don’t NEED meat to get your protein.  One of my favorite sources of protein is a soy product called tempeh!  I found tempeh when I completed the Ultimate Reset in December (and still use this recipe).  I was a little nervous to try it, since Luke said it looks like “brains..” hopefully I didn’t kill your appetite there… but honestly, it just looks like a bunch of seeds or something kept together by some glue – you be the judge:


Uncooked tempeh

Whatever, it doesn’t look pretty, I still took the plunge and tried it.  And I am absolutely hooked now!  I have yet to try any recipe other than the one below, but I am sure I’ll love them all.  I typically have a 4oz slice with 1/4 avocado.  And I sure love me some avocado!  One 4oz serving has about 23 grams of protein (4 oz of chicken breast has about 21 grams ;))

I purchase my lovely tempeh at the local Harris Teeter for $2.49 for 8oz.  It took me a while to find the little guy, but now I know that it is located in the produce section!  I also found tempeh at Earth Fare, and it was almost a full dollar more expensive, so pick your poison.  It helped to know what the package looked like when I was first trying to find it, so here you go:

lightlife-foods-organic-tempeh-58375Now to the magic recipe!

Baked Tempeh (makes 1 4oz serving):

2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar

2 Tbsp. Bragg Liquid Aminos

1 1/2 tsp. sesame oil

1 1/2 tsp. pure maple syrup

1/2 clove garlic, chopped (I usually used pre-minced garlic)

4 oz Tempeh

Combine vinegar, Bragg Liquid Aminos, oil, maple syrup and garlic in a bowl, mix.  Place tempeh in a shallow disk, pour marinade over tempeh.  Marinate for 1 hour in refrigerator, turning over once to get marinade on both sides.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes on each side.

I typically make multiple servings and just double the recipe when I am making 16oz (its a lot of marinade).  I eat it warmed up with some avocado!  Enjoy!



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