Your Future Fit Bride AND Personal Trainer?

I did it. I finally just took the plunge and purchased study materials to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  I can’t even explain how fricken pumped I am right now!   This has been my dream for SO LONG!  But my previous career in public accounting did not allow for time to do…anything.  I was working wayyyy too much and hardly made time to workout and was super stressed and stress ate and drank all the time.. it was a vicious cycle and helped contribute to those evil 25lbs that I put on after college… My current job has much more flexibility and actually allows me to “shut off” after I leave the office! Its an amazing concept and I suggest all people currently in public accounting to experience this lovely thing called “having a life” sometime in the near future 😉

So I have this insane need to learn all the time.  Its crazy. I just want to know more.  And my need to know more has been around so many topics, but my favorite topic is health and fitness.  I am not going to quit my job after I become NASM certified, that’s not the goal right now.  I want to become obsessed with learning about health and fitness and spew my knowledge on willing individuals and help them get their lives back!  I want to leave work and help people.  I want to be a resource. I want to KNOW THINGS.

I have this strong belief that health and fitness are the biggest drivers to success and happiness and I challenge someone who eats crap and doesn’t workout to tell me that they are 100% happy, have energy and are living their lives to the fullest.  Do it. I dare you. Let’s argue about how health and fitness can help you.  The issue is that the person who eats crap and doesn’t workout won’t be reading this post…

What better way to work on myself and get wedding dress ready than to study and LEARN in the process!?  I just read through the exam blueprint and got super nerdy excited about the content.  I am going to KNOW THINGS!  AH!  I am excited to study!! I love it.



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