Every woman should know how to clean ;)


Found this meme today and it fits my first week of 2017 to a T!  I am almost 6 weeks into my “future fit bride guide life,” and I can definitely tell you with 100% conviction that cleanses are NOT FOR ME!  I certainly learned a lot when I completed the Ultimate Reset, but I just love working out.  It is weirdly comforting being so sore that I waddle when I get off the couch – working out is my therapy.  And most cleanses are too calorie restricted to allow working out… no thank you!

So what am I doing now?! – WELL, I built my own 28 day workout program (aptly named the Fit Bride Guide)! Check her out:

Monday: A) 1.5-2 Mile Run (increase speed from previous run), and 3-5 1 minute intervals and B) Back, Bicep and Shoulder Lifting Workout

Tuesday: A) 1.5-2 Mile Run (increase speed from previous run), and 3-5 1 minute intervals  and B) Chest and Tricep Lifting Workout

Wednesday: A) 10 minutes of cardio for warm-up and B) LEG DAY!

Repeat Monday-Wednesday on Thursday-Saturday and then Sunday is a 30 minute of running, walking or cross-training (elliptical, rowing, etc).

I built the workout on bodybuilding.com and downloaded the free bodyspace app and can track all of my workouts in there!  Cool tidbid about the app – after my first week it showed me all the muscles that I worked hard, and the muscles that I didn’t work as hard (apparently I went hard on everything except my chest!) fullsizerender-1

So – I’ve used the bodyspace app before and it is like GOLD (you can make your own workout or use one of the many workouts on the site) – But, before I was missing the nutrition piece and I just ate and ate and ate… and then ate more.  So I am ALSO using the MyFitnessPal App to track all of my meals and my cardio – my goal is to stay under 1400 calories on workout days and 1200 on non-workout days (except mine are all workout days 😉 )

I took my measurements and weight at the beginning of my 28 days and I am planning on taking measurements again after my first two weeks!

I feel super BA after week 1 and even dropped 1:30 on my 1.5 mile time!  Today I completed 2 miles in 17:40, which is faster than I’ve been in 2 years!! WOOOOT! Maybe I was just too soft during my half marathon training in 2016… :p

OH! Another piece of my journey – I signed up for the #250Kchallenge on bodybuilding.com!  It is a 12 week challenge where you take before pics, take part in challenges throughout and then are judged on your progress after the 12 weeks are up – with a chance to win 250K…. I figured, I am already going to work out like a champion, why not try to win 250K?!

I love muscles, and I love how I feel when I run fast – so needless to say, I am digging my results so far, mentally and physically.  Keep pushing!img_9019






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