The Ultimate Reset – Results

I am officially done with the Ultimate Reset!  For those of you new to my site, the Ultimate Reset is a 21 day program that slowly takes out unhealthy aspects of your diet – simple carbs, sweets, and eventually all animal products!  This means I spent three weeks without creamer and PIZZA!

It sounds like 3 weeks of absolute torture, but I 100% needed a kick in the pants to jump start this FITBRIDE journey!  I was making excuses for my eating and pretending that the scale must be broken, because, I only had ONE glass of wine last night, so I MUST have lost at least 3 pounds..

Week 1 was great – I have always had some issues with dairy and I can get grossed out about meat, so taking these things out of my diet were not difficult.  I was SUPER motivated and excited – especially since the scale was down almost 7 lbs after the first week!  I was INVINCIBLE! So naturally, I thought, I may be down 20 lbs after this three weeks!!! ……

Week 2 – not so great.  In this phase, you are eliminating a lot of carbs – so my lovely oatmeal for breakfast was replaced with 3 cups of fruit – and I don’t eat much fruit to begin with! (I’m a veggie lover..) So this was a struggle to get used to – Another quirky aspect to this program is the timing to your meals – you have to take the supplements 1/2 hour before you eat, AND you aren’t supposed to drink water when you are eating…. uhhhh… this is tough.  Especially for a person who has back to back meetings and sometimes I only have a half hour to eat – so I would either have to cut down the time from supplements to food (20 minutes..).. or I would have to take the supplements and then go to a meeting for an hour!   I was hungry and annoyed with this process.

On top of the weird eating rituals that I couldn’t get used to, the fricken scale stopped moving.  So I decided to try and stay off of it.. easier said than done.  The entire 21 days I tracked my eating on the MyFitnessPal App (I love this app and even received a $40 UnderArmour coupon for tracking for 7 days in a row!) and there were days in week 2 that I was well under 1000 calories – NOT GOOD.  So I was legit HANGRY with my 800 calorie diet AND the scale didn’t move for a week?  In the world of calorie math, this doesn’t make sense. NOT COOL.

Naturally, I started adding some additional items into my diet, still maintaining the vegan trend and keeping my total intake under 1200 calories.

I ended up losing 8 pounds total over the 21 days.  I wish I had taken measurements, because my clothes definitely fit better, even though my lofty weight loss goals were not met.  Hey, I lost 8 POUNDS!  During the most unhealthy time of the year.  I learned about how much (or little) food I need during a given day (if I am not working out), and I learned ALOT about vegan life.  And I liked it.

Interesting tid bits I learned:

  • Quinoa is a protein source and has a lot less calories than brown rice
  • Vegans should take B12 Supplements
  • 1 Cup of Sweet Potato (a small sweet potato) has only 115 calories! AND its delicious and filling
  • TEMPEH – I love you tempeh
  • I enjoy oatmeal with natural sweeteners
  • If you eat clean (very clean), you can eat 1/2 an avocado at almost every meal 🙂
  • A salad at lunch is satisfying (even without chicken) – just add 1/2 an avocado and some pumpkin seeds!
  • There are healthy alternatives for everything

So I am definitely glad its over, but it was a great start to kick off my FITBRIDE GUIDE!

Next Up: The Whole 30 & some sort of 30 day HIIT training plan to get me running again!











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