The Ultimate Reset!

I have decided to start my fit bride journey with Beachbody’s “Ultimate Reset!”  It is basically a 3 week, test your willpower, kick you in the pants clean – vegan eating plan with supplements to help you clear up your digestive system and “revitalize” you.  (I think you can make your own assumptions about what ‘clear up your digestive system’ means…)

SO – I am halfway through day 4 and I have the inside scoop for you!


But over the past 4 days I have started learning how my previous “healthy” diet was just not clean enough.  I was a healthy granola bar, yogurt and cereal snack kind of girl… I prided myself on how well I ate while at work (always meal prepping and bringing my lunch) and I would get discouraged after eating great and working out for a few days and not losing a pound (it was SO much easier in college!)  So I’d go back to my boneless wings, burger, sweet potatoes and beer every few days since my “healthy diet” didn’t work and my unhealthy one didn’t add any weight either..

I wasn’t going to weigh myself until after day 7, but after 2 days I thought.. what the hell, might as well see what’s going on since I am definitely feeling good.  So on the morning of my 3rd day…


I am not a fan of the scale (especially since I looove my muscles and love lifting).. but a girls gonna get excited when they see that after 2 days!  Weight fluctuates, 2 days is not a good judge of how this is working.. etc etc etc.. I’m still motivated by it.

So the deets:

  1. There is more food than I thought – check out one of my days in phase1:
    1. Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled, slice of plain whole grain toast, spinach
    2. Lunch: Quinoa and cucumbers with carrots and hummus
    3. Snack: Green apple and whole, unsalted almonds
    4. Dinner: Rice and beans and a sweet potato
  2. Caffeine withdrawal sucks
  3. The supplements they have you take aren’t doing much to my bowels or my stomach (I was worried they were going to have my in the bathroom every 5 minutes..)
  4. I am cheating by drinking green tea (if this is the only cheat I have, I’m awesome..)
  5. I love sleeping (more than normal) and get a bit light headed when I do too many activities more than an hour after eating.
  6. My muscles actually feel kinda sore
  7. I’m secretly loving the fact that I’m not supposed to work out during the program..
  8. I’m terrified of phases 2 and 3 (swap eggs and toast for 3 cups of fruit for breakfast…I’m not a big fruit eater..

The willpower is difficult, but I’m staying strong!  We even went to our favorite brewery yesterday for a Christmas Market and beer and unhealthy food didn’t even sound good. WOOT!

4 Days Closer to FIT BRIDE STATUS!

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