How I became your (future) fit bride

So lets back up to high school – I’ve always been rather curvy, but also athletic.. 8th grade I was playing travel softball, volleyball and my parents made me choose a 3rd sport – I chose soccer and decided I hated the running.. So 9th grade I was a 2 sport athlete again.  Ironically, in 10th grade my wrestler older brother decided to go run cross country to get in shape for wrestling – so once again my dad and my brother decided my sports fate and pushed (forced) me into running cross country at the very awkward age of 15….. After a year of crying about being slow, almost throwing up every race, and a whole lot of sore legs (and thigh chafing..) later… I was hooked.  I LOVED the results of running and getting in shape.  Being the curvy (and slow) cross country runner along with a nutrition seminar where I learned that soda is TERRIBLE for you – there began the story of your future fit bride!

Running got me through those awkward final high school years and then got me through that freshman year, with about 15 lbs lost.  Don’t get me wrong… I had quite a few bevs and ate a lot of bagels/pizza/chicken wraps at midnight…but I LIVED in the gym.  It was my sanctuary.  My constant. My favorite pastime.  I look back now and could run 5 miles on a SUNDAY (in college Sunday is the day to sleep and fight off the hangover, if you didn’t know..) and this was after indulging.  I’m impressed with myself.  These days, I have 2 beers and I cant move for 24 hours.  College Shannon, you rocked.  I was down to a lil mini and SUPER in-shape version of myself and it was awesome.

I was unstoppable.  And then I was stopped.  I found out that bagel breakfast sandwiches and ALOT of wine were my new best friends… and even though I kept working out, my nutrition sucked.  So eat, eat, indulge, indulge was no longer being cancelled out by my daily 3 mile runs and lifting plan… OHH because my daily 3 mile runs stopped after a while too.. Eat like crap – CHECK. Stop working out – CHECK.  Gain 30 lbs – CHECK.

img_0474But my puppy is cute!!!

This was not a picture I posted on any social media because I was miserable!  I had just over-indulged on Thanksgiving food, I wasn’t in a good place with myself and I was eating and drinking my feelings about my crappy job at the time.  I LIVE BY how I feel – and when I feel like CRAP, it’s more than likely that I haven’t been eating well and I haven’t seen a good sweat session in a while.

So here I am – puppy mom (he’s well over a year now..), future wife to the cutie above, future mom (someday), current aunt to two adorable boys, 5 time half marathon and 1 time full marathon runner (more on those later..), and you better believe, I’m a FUTURE FIT (and happy) BRIDE!